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How to use podcasting in your content marketing campaign

30-second summary: Podcasting can add a new dimension to your brand and content marketing strategy.   There are many ways you can approach this, utilizing different mediums, channels, and distribution methods to accomplish this, but many content marketers stick to the basics, almost exclusively focusing on written content.  Georgi Todorov shares a comprehensive guide on […]

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How to effectively think of SEO at every stage

30-second summary: Content marketing and SEO are like a sailboat and its sail, they need each other. We’re in a time where only nine percent of content actually sees organic traffic from search results, and nearly 70% of all clicks go to the first five organic search results. Co-founder and CEO of Influence & Co., Kelsey Raymond shares […]

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How to win at SEO with FAQ schema markup

30-second summary: According to Neil Patel, less than one percent of businesses take advantage of FAQ schema markups.  There are several benefits schema markups provide to your overall SEO rankings.  Implemented correctly, the FAQ schema markup can get your site into the featured snippets section of Google’s first page.  Google has outlined which pages are eligible and […]

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Online reputation management: Seven steps to success

30-second summary: Apparently, it’s crucial to track your reputation in order to prevent PR crises. Moreover, monitoring your reputation enables you to discover valuable customer insights. Founder and CMO at SEO PowerSuite and Awario, Aleh Barysevich, shares a strategy to tackle the challenges of online reputation management.  Right from setting up your online reputation management (ORM) […]

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What small business owners can do to win

30-second summary: There is a common and long-held belief that getting results from SEO takes at least six months. How true is that? SEO can be costly and requires big dollars and a huge team to succeed. Should you ever compete with the biggies at all? SEO is highly technical, changes from time to time […]

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