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Five great ways responsive web design benefits your SEO

30-second summary: COVID-19 pandemic emphasizing the practicality of internet mobile for all-around daily tasks. Mobile web browsing skyrocketing fuelled by consumer shopping intent. Half the world’s population browsing the internet on a mobile device, with 61 million UK mobile internet users by 2021. Google’s webmasters announcing the mobile-first index launch in March 2021, with a […]

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Optimizing the browser long tail across platforms, devices, and countries

30-second summary: If a company or brand wants to go global, it must understand the intricacies of where and how consumers browse, realizing that true optimization must consider content consumption trends and regional device or browser differences. Better user experiences and higher engagement levels depend on it. There is no such thing as “mobile vs. […]

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Ahrefs’ free product to help content creators compete in Google

30-second summary: Google antitrust, the market cases you need to know. Google’s featured snippets do not payback content creators. How to make content discoverable — no matter the marketing budget. Tim Suolo, Ahrefs’ Chief Marketing Officer explains how they intend to level the playing field for smaller players. While Google faces lawmakers with antitrust cases, […]

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Top 10 Tools to facilitate web development

30-second summary: Web development is very essential for guiding you past the traditional methods of website development and approaching to other more unique and efficient prospects in the IT field. Building an app or website is real but sometimes can be better facilitated through the testing and implementation phases of web tools. Entering the new […]

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