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SEO competition research: The complete guide

How to learn SEO competition research or in fact anything at all? Well, there’s actually doing it, of course. But doing it without knowing what to aim for and what’s actually working doesn’t do you much good. There’s, of course, reading about it. But as far as I’m concerned, the most effective way to learn to […]

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10 Tips for improved guest blogging in 2020

As link building becomes a more cautionary practice it’s necessary to get a clear idea of how to acquire the best links for your website, in light of this guest blogging in 2020 can be a good method.  Although Google has openly placed more scrutiny on guest blogging, there is undoubtedly still value in acquiring […]

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Voice search optimization: The why and how

Voice search optimization is a hot topic in the digital marketing industry. A few years ago, voice search seemed like a far fetched idea that was limited to some science fiction movies. But today, its popularity is increasing day by day.   If you’re a Star Trek fan, you would definitely recall the scenes when actors used […]

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How to use the art of storytelling to boost content marketing results Search Engine Watch

No story, no sales. Think it’s an exaggeratedly bold statement? I dare not. In fact, according to Arianna Huffington, “People think in stories, not statistics, and marketers need to be master storytellers”. Moreso, statistics have it that storytelling can boost conversion rates by 30%. Even 62% of B2B marketers hold storytelling in high regard as an effective content […]

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Improving personalization with machine learning

One thing that is usually uppermost in your mind as a marketer is how to ensure that you not only survive the competition but also become one of the market leaders. And in order to become a market leader you are expected to work seriously on personalization but doing this at scale because you must focus on […]

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