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The data that matters most

30-second summary: Marketing decisions should be backed by data about consumers, their behavior, and conversions. Marketing and namely social media analytics provide numerous categories to analyze, so it is easy to get lost. In the article, Aleh Barysevich defines major points for a social media marketer to analyze strategy success or failure. Important data points […]

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What will 2021 mean to the advertising world?

30-second summary: Despite the overall doom and gloom, some industries actually skyrocketed in 2020. 2021 is supposed to dot some i’s and cross some t’s in the field of transparency and first-party data solutions. Live streaming related to gaming and sports is a huge advertising-friendly zone that is expected to expand further in 2021. Header […]

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B2B paid search forecast: What to expect in 2021

30-second summary: Google surprised marketers with a few changes in 2020 – an updated search query report, new ad extensions, and new audience targeting, to name a few — which forced advertisers to adjust their SEM strategies and tactics in order to maintain or increase their ROI. B2B advertisers are testing and investing in different […]

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Role of featured snippets in website traffic boost

30-second summary: Featured snippets account for a 35.1% share of all clicks. The featured snippet and knowledge panel SERP give a better click-through rate together. Users click on featured snippets that seem “informative”. Users who prefer the regular search results listings don’t click on featured snippets. “People also ask” boxes are an unpopular choice showing […]

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Top strategies behind link building success

30-second summary: Link building starts from on-page SEO Get your on-page SEO right by working on pillar and cluster pages Blend your on-page success with off-page SEO strategies Link building is not about the quantity  Create a 12-month plan to maximize your off-page SEO success SEO is more important than ever. As online usage is […]

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SEO Strategies That Get Results