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What small business owners can do to win

30-second summary: There is a common and long-held belief that getting results from SEO takes at least six months. How true is that? SEO can be costly and requires big dollars and a huge team to succeed. Should you ever compete with the biggies at all? SEO is highly technical, changes from time to time […]

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How marketers can adjust strategies

30-second summary: Since shelter-in-place rules were enacted, the way people use the internet has changed. They’re consuming more media and increasing web research and browsing.  Paid search strategy is not one-size-fits-all. Each vertical must be treated differently, as some industries like ecommerce have seen improved performance while others have seen a declined performance.  A pandemic is not the time […]

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How search giants are helping spread COVID-19 awareness

30-second summary: Misinformation can be even more harmful that the danger itself, Michael McManus highlights the initiatives search and social giants have and are promoting COVID-19 awareness. Google has made some of the biggest changes, modifying the SERPS for COVID-19 related search queries to provide all the needful information people could need. Google also made […]

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JavaScript rendering and the problems for SEO in 2020

30-second summary: Anyone working in enterprise SEO in 2020 will have encountered this web architecture scenario with a client at some point. Frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular make web development more simply expedited. There are tons of case studies but one business Croud encountered migrated to a hybrid Shopify / JS framework with internal […]

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Effective mobile advertising strategies for 2020

30-second summary: With the entire global COVID-19 pandemic that has brought the world to its feet and forced everyone inside their homes, mobile marketing is going to take a very different turn. As per earlier estimates, mobile advertising was going to make up for a whopping 75% of all digital ad spending by 2022. Considering the new […]

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Six ways AI is revolutionizing ecommerce

30-second summary: The far-reaching AI applications in ecommerce allow businesses to increase their profits by optimizing and automating decision-making, right from web design to customer support. Right from identifying patterns from unstructured data sets to enabling businesses to offer a personalized experience. Here’s how AI is empowering the ecommerce industry. The global revenue from artificial […]

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SEO Strategies That Get Results