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How search giants are helping spread COVID-19 awareness

30-second summary: Misinformation can be even more harmful that the danger itself, Michael McManus highlights the initiatives search and social giants have and are promoting COVID-19 awareness. Google has made some of the biggest changes, modifying the SERPS for COVID-19 related search queries to provide all the needful information people could need. Google also made […]

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JavaScript rendering and the problems for SEO in 2020

30-second summary: Anyone working in enterprise SEO in 2020 will have encountered this web architecture scenario with a client at some point. Frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular make web development more simply expedited. There are tons of case studies but one business Croud encountered migrated to a hybrid Shopify / JS framework with internal […]

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Effective mobile advertising strategies for 2020

30-second summary: With the entire global COVID-19 pandemic that has brought the world to its feet and forced everyone inside their homes, mobile marketing is going to take a very different turn. As per earlier estimates, mobile advertising was going to make up for a whopping 75% of all digital ad spending by 2022. Considering the new […]

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Six ways AI is revolutionizing ecommerce

30-second summary: The far-reaching AI applications in ecommerce allow businesses to increase their profits by optimizing and automating decision-making, right from web design to customer support. Right from identifying patterns from unstructured data sets to enabling businesses to offer a personalized experience. Here’s how AI is empowering the ecommerce industry. The global revenue from artificial […]

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How to grow your YouTube rankings with the right SEO tools

We’re all aware that YouTube’s video consumption grows every year, so it’s kind of obvious that YouTube search engine is huge, possibly being outdone only by Google.  There is also a simple fact: YouTube video content will always have lower competition compared to text. Still, to rank high, SEO matters. Optimizing for YouTube includes many tasks, and doing […]

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