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Top strategies behind link building success

30-second summary: Link building starts from on-page SEO Get your on-page SEO right by working on pillar and cluster pages Blend your on-page success with off-page SEO strategies Link building is not about the quantity  Create a 12-month plan to maximize your off-page SEO success SEO is more important than ever. As online usage is […]

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Customer experience optimization (CXO) for online stores: Three proven SEO tactics

30-second summary: Once you have the right product and pricing, succeeding with your online store essentially boils down to effective digital marketing and delivering a top-notch customer experience. For ecommerce, in particular, SEO — or ranking on the first page of Google — plays a huge role in effective marketing and online branding, as it […]

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Synergized search is key to success in the new normal

30-second summary: Given that consumers run billions of searches every day — with Google estimated to process 40,000 per second it’s clear marketers need a smart strategy to cut through the competition. The question is: Will they drive the highest traffic and performance with SEO or PPC? Head of Paid Media at Tug shares insight on […]

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Top 15 Chrome extensions for social media marketers

30-second summary: When it comes to the internet browser, Google Chrome, with its extensive list of extensions is the indisputable chart-topper. As a digital marketer, you have to keep track of so many things – different projects at various stages of development, research, reporting, new leads, existing clients, et cetera. Bhavik Soni shares a list […]

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SEO Strategies That Get Results